We recently released our first iPhone app, Personal Best

What does it do?

It allows you to 'race' against yourself, using your daily step count recorded on your phone or tracker. Here's a pic of what our app looks like.

A first look at our app!

A first look at our app!


You race against yourself last week, i.e. today's steps vs steps this day last week. Once you login, we get this data from from your phone, or devices like FITBIT®, if you have one.

Why did you release it? 

We're big fans of self-tracking and the wider Quantified Self movement here at Quantified (hence the name!), but as users and researchers of the technology behind this trend, we've felt that the motivation for using them isn't sustained over time. Gamification is one way of sustaining motivation, so we thought a self-contained app with fun element would be a good way to explore this!

What devices does it work with? 

Designed for use with all trackers, but only supports FITBIT® platform devices at the moment.

I want to contact you about the app. How do I do that? 

Go to the contact link at the top of the menu bar or click this link.